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Teamwork in the office can only grow if there are people willing to work together and put in the hard work. These are the types of qualities that managers look for when building a successful team. The following are five films that can inspire a team to work together to overcome anything.

Coach Carter

Released in 2005, Coach Carter tells the true story of a basketball coach that benches his high school basketball team due to poor academic results. Coach Carter teaches his team about valuing hard work, discipline, and courage, and this leads to the students becoming successful in both academics and athletics. His affect on his team of young men leads them to bright futures on and off the court.

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The United States’ upset of the Russian hockey team during the 1980 Olympics is considered one of the greatest sports moments in American history. The American team’s triumph inspired the whole country, and showed that an underdog always has a chance to topple the favorite. This film does a great job of showing that although competition may be stiff, it doesn’t mean anything if you have a team that is inspired and motivated.

Apollo 13

Helmed by acclaimed director Ron Howard, Apollo 13 tells the story of America’s third Moon landing mission and how an unexpected catastrophe turns the mission into a rescue. This story demonstrated how people keep their cools in a time of panic to come out successful. Also, NASA’s support in Texas was a big help to everyone working together to rescue the astronauts. Teams need to be taught to stay focused, and work together to help those who need the help.

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Stand and Deliver

When people don’t believe in themselves, its tough to motivate them to strive for excellence. This film tells the true story of high school math teacher Jaime Escalante and how he inspired his students to take AP Calculus their senior year of high school. Although they don’t believe they would be able to do, Mr. Escalante is able to fulfill his promise. When the students are accused of cheating, they still are able to pass their AP exam once more. Through their dedication and studies together, the students prove that through hard work and believing in themselves, anything is possible.

The Avengers

To save the world, the best heroes in the universe must come together to take on an intergalactic threat. This film teaches that a team is made up of people with different abilities and talents. What one person is good at, another may be weak at; A team is only as good as its weakest link. To save the world, they must combine their strengths; something that any team should know to do. If a team wants to see the results they’re working toward, it’s going to take everybody’s help.