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It’s estimated that we spend roughly a third of our lives at work. With that fact in mind, it’s easy to understand why people attend expensive colleges to ensure they’ll get great jobs right out of school, or why we sacrifice the big paycheck to spend that third of our lives doing something we love for work. And of course, both would be great, too!

Nevertheless, even the most fulfilling job will have dull moments. Some will have more than others, but just as a healthy person can still get sick, a happy worker can still have low moments throughout the weeks, months, and years. Here are a few ways to make work more enjoyable:

Praise your coworkers

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain positive feelings when workplace stress, fear, anger, and frustration keep our spirits down. But you can easily lift that fog with a simple compliment to a coworker. Tell someone that you appreciate the work they do, and that they make your work easier. Just one positive comment can have the power to change the mood of an entire office, as the good nature spreads.

Maintaining that positive atmosphere isn’t always easy, but it will make work more enjoyable—not only for the person being complimented, but for the compliment-giver as well. Complimenting others brings satisfaction and creates good vibes throughout the office.

Find meaning in what you do

Thinking of work as a daily 9-5 grind will make it feel that way. But when was the last time you thought about the big picture? If you’re working, then you’re collecting a paycheck by providing value. And by collecting a paycheck, you’re providing additional value to your loved ones.

Don’t think of work as a slow, painful hell that you wish would end. Instead, find the meaning in what you do each day. No matter what it is, you’re providing value to someone, somewhere. As you work, remember that you’re contributing to the success of an organization, of the local and national economy, and to the livelihood of you and your family.

Make friends

It’s often overlooked that we spend every day working with people that in any other situation, we might be hanging out with, having a good time. Yet, due to the nature of work, these relationships don’t always come naturally and may take years to develop. Don’t wait to make friends. Break out of your shell and look for interests you share with other people in the office.

You might find a new friendship that makes work enjoyable every day. Having a work buddy to share your ups and downs with can change your entire outlook and transform your workday from misery to happiness.

So next time you go to work, put a smile on your face and remember that every day is an opportunity to be happy. Just because you’re at work, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Use these tips or think of your own ways to make your workday a good part of your day.

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