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Hi, I’m Ken Lear.

I’ve previously talked about avoidable mistakes young business professionals tend to make. One more to add is not having a fully completed LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is by far the most well known social media platform for networking with professionals from around the world. Therefore, it is important that you are on LinkedIn, and that your LinkedIn profile contain the right types of information. Next, we will explain a few ways to make your LinkedIn profile top-notch.

  • Luckily, LinkedIn profiles come with a handy device that measures “completeness” and displays the strength of your profile. Use this as motivation to get your profile into the best possible shape.
  • Get a custom URL for your LinkedIn page. Having a custom URL will allow you to be easily found, as well as making it feasible to put your LinkedIn’s URL onto your business cards! Go to Privacy & Settings/Edit Public Profile/Customize Your Public Profile URL to create your own custom LinkedIn URL!
  • Choose an appropriate photo. There are no hard and fast rules for what your profile picture should be like, as this depends on the level of seriousness you want to convey and what industry you are in, etc.
  • Optimize the content on your page to include relevant keywords that recruiters may look for while searching for candidates.
  • If you have a professional portfolio, link to it on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Add relevant volunteer experiences and languages known. You’d be surprised how often that might get you an opportunity.
  • Manage your endorsements wisely. Don’t leave irrelevant endorsements on your profile just because you have a high number of endorsements. Your skills should reflect what you can do and what is relevant to the type of career you currently want.
  • Get above the 50 connections threshold. This shows employers that you are (at least to a certain degree) well connected, and that you understand how to use the LinkedIn platform.
  • Follow relevant groups and interact in communities.
  • Proofread everything, twice!

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