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My name is Ken Lear and I know that being a leader is an important role; you are inspiring others and teaching them how to become leaders. Being a good leader requires hard work and passion. Take a look at these 10 words that successful leaders use and live by:


Yes, an employee should listen to their manager regardless of whether they say “please” or not, but it’s important to show employees that you value them. Something as simple as asking employees to “please draft up the report” versus saying it as a command shows that you value them.


Like saying “please,” saying thank you is just as important.


It’s always important to laugh and not take everything too seriously. When you are starting a new business or working nonstop, this can be hard to do, but no one wants to work in an environment that’s always negative.


Leaders ask questions and seek advice. Just because you are in charge, it doesn’t mean you have all of the answers. Seek the ideas of your employees and ask for their opinions. In the end, the deciding power still lies with you, but sometimes employees will come up with unique (and maybe better) solutions.

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Acting as if you don’t trust an employee will only result in a toxic environment. Try to resolve issues like these as early as possible so that the entire office isn’t affected by a negative atmosphere.


You deserve a break every once in a while, too.


Leaders inspire others leaders. They mentor those around them and offer advice when they are having trouble. Remember to check in with your employees and see if they need anything, it will be much appreciated.


Leaders aren’t afraid to realize when they have made a mistake, and true leaders are able to actually say sorry. Acknowledge a mistake, big or small, and turn it into a learning experience for you and your employees.