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Ken Lear
is an experienced sales professional, entrepreneur, and business leader.

A former Division I athlete, he brings the same competitiveness and drive for success to his business career as he did to the soccer field.

Success is a mindset, Lear believes.
It’s about discipline and habits. It’s about doing the work that others aren’t willing to do, going the extra mile and never taking your foot off the gas. It’s about attacking your goals with vigor and surrounding yourself with others who are on a mission for greatness. It’s about setting the bar high to begin with — and then constantly raising it.

Lear is a servant leader who believes the best way to achieve success is to help others reach their goals. He is a business owner and mentor who puts relationships first, who coaches with encouragement, and who strives to always lead by example.


Ken Lear is a seasoned entrepreneur who is just as passionate today as the day he opened the doors to his company back in 2003. He currently owns and manages a growing firm headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI, that specializes in face-to-face sales and marketing through a relationship-based approach. The organization’s client portfolio includes Fortune 100 companies across a variety of industries including telecommunications, energy, and mobile communications. Lear attributes the success of his company to a people-focused culture in which the professional growth of his employees is a top priority. An emphasis on fun, learning, recognition, and relationships has earned Lear’s firm the award of “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” for the last four consecutive years.

“Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

“Thoughts equal feelings, feelings equal actions, and actions get you results.”


Ken Lear is a supportive and encouraging coach who takes the time to develop real relationships with his mentees. He selectively spends his time with the internally-motivated, helping these individuals to identify their goals and put an action plan on paper. Lear believes in the importance of being emotionally attached to one’s goals. “Thoughts equal feelings, feelings equal actions and actions get you results,” is a mantra he shares often. A firm believer that success isn’t built overnight, Lear teaches others that becoming a great business leader is the result of many small decisions that people make over time. Accordingly, his approach as a mentor is to focus on making progress week over week.