Ken Lear Wake Up Early and Get More DoneHello, Ken Lear here!

Successful people are often early risers. They know that to get the most out of their day, their days need to start early—the early bird gets the worm, as the saying goes. Getting up early can help you be productive in a number of ways, and not just because you’ll have more daylight to burn: you’ll establish a routine that will keep your mind and body healthy, you’ll start with the right mindset, and you’ll have more time to get into the flow of things instead of being rushed in the mornings.

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You’ll be a step ahead of everyone else.

Even though it can be tough to get up earlier than you’re used to, the benefits are real. You’ll rise calm and collected with good thinking and a plan already in place before anyone else even enters the office. Even though you’ll have more time on your hands, you won’t get so bogged down by distractions—or stress so much about being bogged down by distractions. By getting to the office earlier, you can have all that quiet time to yourself.

You can make time to get moving.

If, like most people, you struggle to find the time (or the motivation) to get active, having more time in your day means you’ll have the time to exercise. If you get that run in in the morning, you’ll be more energized and find it easier to focus. Additionally, being active is just good for your health, your body as much as your mind. Think of what you could do with all that extra energy!

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Start the day with a fresh mind.

Many early risers find their inspiration in the mornings. With creative energy fresh and more accessible, you can use the morning for working towards goals, strategy, or getting the tough work out of the way. But you don’t have to use this time for work: you could indulge your other hobbies, like painting, reading, dancing, or walking. You could actually cook a nice breakfast instead of stuffing half a sad piece of toast in your mouth on your way out the door.

With fewer distractions and more energy, imagine what you could do!