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The Best Tips for Cultivating Team Chemistry at Work

The Best Tips for Cultivating Team Chemistry at Work

Team chemistry is something we usually don’t think about unless it’s not there. But it’s that X factor that allows an entire group to elevate its work. Teams with good chemistry understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses and work in a way that maximizes strengths and minimizes weaknesses. They also provide opportunities for each team […]

Think Like An Entrepreneur - Ken-Lear.com

Think Like An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to fail. They’re creative and flexible and see failure as part of the learning process. Instead of letting a failure stop their progress an entrepreneur examines their mistake and turns it into a learning experience that helps them to achieve their goals. If you begin to analyze the tasks that you perform […]

Ken Lear Wake Up Early and Get More Done

Wake Up Early and Get More Done

Hello, Ken Lear here! Successful people are often early risers. They know that to get the most out of their day, their days need to start early—the early bird gets the worm, as the saying goes. Getting up early can help you be productive in a number of ways, and not just because you’ll have […]

Ken Lear Getting Noticed by Your Boss

The Best Ways to Get Noticed By Your Boss

Hi, I’m Ken Lear. Check me out on Twitter @Ken_Lear for more business, entrepreneurship, and leadership tips! Getting your assignments completed at work requires much of your concentration and almost all of your time. When you’re not busy doing your assignments you’re troubleshooting possible problems and reviewing your schedule and status of upcoming projects to […]

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Making the Most of LinkedIn from Ken Lear

Hi, I’m Ken Lear. I’ve previously talked about avoidable mistakes young business professionals tend to make. One more to add is not having a fully completed LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is by far the most well known social media platform for networking with professionals from around the world. Therefore, it is important that you are on […]


5 Tips for Less Stress at Work

Hi, Ken Lear here. Employees can feel stressed out at work for a number of reasons. Whether tension between coworkers, too many projects, or worrying about job performance, there are ways to cope with it. Modern workers are distracted on average 2.1 hours per day, and are interrupted approximately seven times an hour. This only […]


4 Avoidable Mistakes Young Business Professionals Make

Ken Lear is a leadership, business, and entrepreneurship expert, based out of Farmington Hills, MI. If you are a recent graduate, then you are likely making your way into a world you have never been in before—the “real” world. Business meetings, reports, sales pitches and more can all be foreign concepts – and you want […]