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8 Words That Leaders Live By

My name is Ken Lear and I know that being a leader is an important role; you are inspiring others and teaching them how to become leaders. Being a good leader requires hard work and passion. Take a look at these 10 words that successful leaders use and live by: Please Yes, an employee should […]


8 Great Quotes to Inspire You as a Leader

An expert on leadership, business, and entrepreneurship, Ken Lear strives for greatness. It can be easy to fall into a routine as a business leader, but what happens when you need to adapt as your company changes and demands even more of you? Providing inspirational and innovative ideas, being humble, and being a good listener […]

Ken Lear Presidents

Great Presidential Moments That Will Inspire You

Ken Lear is a business expert, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and leadership specialist. The United States of America has had its share of defining moments that have motivated the whole nation. From the country‚Äôs inception in 1776 to the present day, American history is filled with inspiring people and events. These are a few standout Presidents and […]