Ken Lear Entrepreneurial Skills

Ken Lear’s Top 3 Entrepreneurial Skills

Hello, I’m Ken Lear.

Entrepreneurs are idea generators, they are essential components to any organization – but what makes them unique? What personal traits and skills do they possess that give them the tools to not only succeed but to learn from failure as well? In my years of experience as an entrepreneur I’ve thought a lot about these questions, discussing them with other successful business leaders, and I believe I can narrow the mystery.

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Entrepreneurs are a charismatic bunch with the persuasive talent to convert others to their cause and to change the way they think and behave. Across all industries need to be able to influence people and deliver powerful presentations. Though the following skills are essential they each require a firm grasp of human intuition, a quality inherent to the successful entrepreneur.

Leadership: Successful men and women have a firm vision for the future and are not afraid to take risks to achieve their goals. Though this can manifest as unhealthy competitiveness, if channeled properly the entrepreneur can harness this strength and propel those around them towards accomplishments that would be impossible for any one team member to achieve.

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Accountability: Alongside the drive, confidence, and resiliency required to be a charismatic leader the successful entrepreneur must also take responsibility for their own actions. Not only does accountability allow them to shine when they achieve their goals but it also inspires others to be accountable for their actions too.

Focus: Entrepreneurs are goal-oriented people and focus their efforts on achieving their objectives. When armed with a clear mission the successful entrepreneur and his team will see obstacles as an energizing part of the process.

By harnessing these skills and utilizing them in tandem with one another the entrepreneur will be able to effectively communicate with people of any background or communication style. The charismatic Leader that remains Accountable will be able to share his Focus with those around him; influencing them and gaining their support. Success isn’t the result of coincidence. Successful people are successful because they have learned these essential skills and continue to develop them as their career evolves.

What are your thoughts? Do you disagree with my assessment? Are there other skills that I neglected to mention? Feel free to leave any feedback in the comment section below.