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Ken Lear is an entrepreneur, leadership expert, and philanthropist, preparing to launch a brand new sales office.

As the biggest television event of the year approaches (the Super Bowl), the amount of business the NFL generates is unmatched. The NFL is a sports league dedicated to pleasing fans of professional football, but it is also a business. There are just a few of the things the NFL can teach you about the nature of business.

Keep Your Product Fresh and Accessible

A decade ago, the only way to watch the NFL was through live TV. Within the last few years, the NFL has opened exposure from almost anywhere. Phones, on-demand services, or even streaming over the Internet allows fans to access the game wherever they might. Rules and regulations have also been updated to keep up with the times. This model is great for business because it allows customers to feel like they are being paid attention to. Business should be tailored to the customer, and the NFL succeeds at this.

Partnerships Lead to Relationships

The NFL is great at creating sponsorships from companies and partnering with non-profits. Players in the NFL wear pink in October to support National Beast Cancer Awareness Month. These partnerships are similar to the way that relationships need to be built for success in business. A relationship with a client can go a long way. By looking at the NFL and how they succeed at collaborating with others, business can be successful.

Many Faces Represent the Brand

The NFL has 32 teams, each with nearly 60 players. Every one of these men represents the NFL brand, and when a person makes a character mistake in public, the brand suffers. A great example is the arrest of Aaron Hernandez. Just like the NFL took a stance and stood away form his behavior, business should do the same. Make very employee of the business accountable, and anyone who worsens the brand should be reprimanded.

Opportunities Can Come From Anywhere

There are always NFL players that have a breakout year and appear from under the radar. Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, was drafted in the third round being the 75th pick overall. Two years later he is playing in the Super Bowl. Just like that, people will emerge in your company that do well and stand out. Just like NFL players, treat these people well and reward them. They can set examples of an ideal employee, and also aid in building a stronger brand.

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