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Ken Lear is an expert on all topics business, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Effective communication is essential in not only the business world, but also any successful endeavor. Communication is the first step in transmitting a message to a prospect. It can define why a product or service is different, show how it will work, and transform an idea into a vision.  Entrepreneurs need communication to relate to people in their business and day-to-day activities. In order to succeed at entrepreneurship and be a capable leader, communication must be used strongly.

Positive leadership associates well with performance and attitude of a team, but only through effective communication. Communication is necessary to build trust with a team, just as much as it is in venture seeking. Being able to effectively convey what you will accomplish to a prospect is crucial to getting their business. Communication regarding failure should also be mentioned, but not as an end-all, but just a setback. Some of the most successful entrepreneur’s have failed several times before they were successful.

Nonverbal communication can mean the world of difference when pitching to a prospect. Everything from eye contact to facial expressions can influence perception of an entrepreneur. Mastering how to communicate non-verbally is a real way to show how professional you are, and how much you mean business. Everything matters: even your placement inside the room while giving a presentation. Our verbal information is paramount, but how information is presented can determine if the audience listens.

Emotions also play a big role in communication. In year’s past, expressing emotion while conducting business was frowned upon. However, the way a person uses their emotions to convey their point is now critical to an entrepreneur’s impact on the prospect. This is great in building strong leadership as well. Emotion is what gets people to invest in you, making them understand that you are human and not just a business suit.

Communicating effectively will not only help with future business, but it can also open more doors to grow entrepreneurship.

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