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There has long been a debate about which kind of personality is better in an office setting: a thoughtful, introverted personality, or a social, extroverted one. The truth is, both types of people are good for the workplace. Introverts, extroverts, and personalities that fall somewhere in between all bring something different to the table.  Introverts are generally thought of as quiet and less sociable, while extroverts are thought of as outgoing and confident.

If you have introverts, extroverts, or a mix of both in the office, check out the ways they generally prefer to work in the office:

Introverts in the Office

Introverts in the office tend to like to work on projects alone, because it doing so gives them time to reflect on important decisions. They generally prefer a quieter workspace, without distractions. Introverts also tend to like communication via email or in writing, rather than face-to-face interactions. This gives them time to reflect on an answer, instead of spitting something out right away. Introverts are great at paying attention to details and using their critical thinking skills when it comes to a problem.

Extroverts in the Office

Extroverts are generally more social in professional environments and enjoy working with teams. They generally like to brainstorm solutions to problems in a group instead of by themselves. They prefer to voice their ideas right away, as opposed to introverts who like time to think about it. Extroverts are enthusiastic and motivating, and generally enjoy a fast-paced work environment.

Even if it’s easy for you to identify one way or the other, many people can’t be defined as an introvert or an extrovert because they possess the qualities of both. While it is good to note how people work best, labeling someone an introvert or an extravert shouldn’t necessarily define their workplace needs.

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