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The Best Tips for Cultivating Team Chemistry at Work

The Best Tips for Cultivating Team Chemistry at Work

Team chemistry is something we usually don’t think about unless it’s not there. But it’s that X factor that allows an entire group to elevate its work. Teams with good chemistry understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses and work in a way that maximizes strengths and minimizes weaknesses. They also provide opportunities for each team […]

Building a Philosophy of Accountability in the Workplace

Building a Philosophy of Accountability in the Workplace

Keeping employees accountable is crucial to success in the workplace. Accountability can lead to higher work performance, an increase in competency, a commitment to success, as well as a boost in morale. Why is accountability in the workplace so important? It’s simple: without accountability, work execution takes a back seat. Employees that are empowered to […]

Simple Ways to Make Work More Enjoyable

It’s estimated that we spend roughly a third of our lives at work. With that fact in mind, it’s easy to understand why people attend expensive colleges to ensure they’ll get great jobs right out of school, or why we sacrifice the big paycheck to spend that third of our lives doing something we love […]


How to Fix Productivity Stalls

Let’s face it: you can’t always be on a roll. Sometimes the team’s momentum just slows to a stop and the project hangs there, unfinished while the clock ticks away. Productivity stalls happen and, like writer’s block, they can be agonizing when coming up against a deadline. What causes this? Is it possible that all […]


How to Manage During a Crisis

Ken Lear is an expert on all things business, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Follow him on Tumblr today. In life and in business, things can happen that require all of our attention. When a crisis happens, we’re suddenly consumed by it—nothing else takes precedence. This is nature of a crisis. And in a crisis, people look […]


How to Create a Creative Environment

Follow Ken Lear on Pinterest for pins regarding business, entrepreneurship, and leadership! A successful workplace is one where ideas flow forth freely and fearlessly. Creativity turns an average office into a breeding ground for the out-of-the-box thinking that solves problems and drives success. Sometimes establishing your workplace as a den of creativity—full of rapid-fire brainstorming […]


Introverts vs. Extroverts: How Do These Personalities Fit Into an Office Setting?

To learn more about Ken Lear, check out his work experience and background on LinkedIn. There has long been a debate about which kind of personality is better in an office setting: a thoughtful, introverted personality, or a social, extroverted one. The truth is, both types of people are good for the workplace. Introverts, extroverts, […]