Ken Lear Suits

How Wearing a Suit Can Help Your Career

Ken Lear is a top business professional, entrepreneur, and leadership expert. The suit is the most versatile outfit for every business occasion. No matter if there’s an interview, a client meeting, or just the regular daily routine, you can never go wrong with a classic-looking suit. They’re comfortable and fashionable; all while still making you […]

Ken Lear Lego Movie

Review: The Lego Movie

  Ken Lear is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and leadership specialist.  Thought I’d try out being a movie critic this week. Here’s my review of The Lego Movie. Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are known for turning awful ideas for movies into success. First came Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009), based on the […]

Ken Lear Presidents

Great Presidential Moments That Will Inspire You

Ken Lear is a business expert, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and leadership specialist. The United States of America has had its share of defining moments that have motivated the whole nation. From the country’s inception in 1776 to the present day, American history is filled with inspiring people and events. These are a few standout Presidents and […]

Ken Lear NFL

What the NFL Teaches About Business

  Ken Lear is an entrepreneur, leadership expert, and philanthropist, preparing to launch a brand new sales office. As the biggest television event of the year approaches (the Super Bowl), the amount of business the NFL generates is unmatched. The NFL is a sports league dedicated to pleasing fans of professional football, but it is […]

Ken Lear Time

Time Management Tips for Professionals

Ken Lear is a leadership expert and entrepreneur specializing in improving revenue for high-level clients. It’s already late afternoon, and you’ve barely touched that stack of reports you were supposed to do today. This is a scenario many people fall victim to in the office, and it’s usually due to poor time management skills. Being […]